"It is not often that I draw attention to an article that is published in the magazine,

but I have to mention the first story in the Better Production section of this issue entitled “How good are your Quotes?

new and inexpensive software program called QuoteCam has been released which easily allows the business owner to see exactly what the real cost of manufacture is, and therefore to know precisely how much profit will be generated from each job.

Cost accounting is too important to be left to the accountants. "


....Bruce Crawford - Editor
Metalworking News

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QuoteCam CRM Q-Trak

In another industry first for machine shop quoting, QuoteCam version 2.0 will offer the unique capability of a built in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for tracking the progress of quotes done using QuoteCam including general sales, diary and contact management.

Introducing Q-Trak

Customer Relationship Management software (or C.R.M) is a natural evolution from the simple contact manager. It has been developing over many years to become an invaluable tool for sales professionals and support organisations around the world.

Now we are proud to announce Q-TRAK, the world’s first CRM system developed especially for engineers, contract manufacturers and, machining companies. Q-Trak brings the power of CRM to the machine shop, giving . you have the best possible chance of winning and retaining business.

customer relationships are at the heart of business success. So our aim here is to do much more than record and store simple contact information. Using Q-Trak we build a complete picture of our customer, we want to know what he orders, when he orders and we want to know how well we react to his needs and where we can improve in order to win more business.
Manage every aspect of the process including opportunities, tasks, calendar and result tracking. Write letters emails and keep a detailed history of each customer.
Totally integrated with QuoteCam to ensure you never forget to follow up a quote again.
Q-Trak allows you to work smarter and faster so you have time to focus more of your attention on business-critical and technical activities. Information is power and having this much data at your fingertips will empower you and your business to win more customers and keep them.

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